This is not going to be a long one, friends. A girl is tired. Mostly from all the partying I did this weekend and it is only now starting to catch up with me! With the kids writing exams and here not being much to do at school, this is going to be one long week…

So you all know by now what a big deal my birthday is to me. I LOVE having a birthday. I celebrate each one. This one was a very special one for a number of reasons. I turned 27 on the 2nd of the 7th 2017 (cool date, huh? :)), but more than that, it was my first birthday so far away from home. For the first time in my life, I also got to spend it in summer, which was really weird but I actually loved it.

Not that I need an excuse to have cheesecake for breakfast, but having it on my birthday just made it taste so much better!

The weekend started off with our friend Midian’s farewell party. We had a great time with friends, drinks and a lot of laughs. Also, ever seen a bunch of foreigners in a bar suddenly breaking out in their national anthems? I have. Picture it: everybody is having drinks and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, all you hear is “Oh Canada!” and “Oh, say can you see!” It was hilarious. I, of course, as the only South African present could simply not break out in “Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika” as no one what understand what is happening. Perhaps if I started with “Sounds the call to come together” it may have made more sense. They did bless me with “The Circle of Life”. Close enough, I guess. Needless to say, we had an amazing time together, and Midian got the farewell he deserves! 🙂

Midian’s farewell with foreigners, fried chicken and beer.

1am in the street shenanigans.

The next morning, after my chilling-in-the-road-at-1am-shenanigans, my friends and I set off to what was just going to be an epic weekend. My birthday was celebrated in Daegu, a city about 30 minutes from where we live. The nightlife in Daegu is amazing. I really loved it, and the foreigners are not lazy to buy you drinks! I liked that too. *wink-wink* It really is amazing how, while living abroad, you meet the most interesting people. And let’s not forget the random photo and selfie sessions with strangers in the middle of the road.

I have heard many things about the nightlife in Daegu and I have heard from people before that they did not enjoy it. But I can honestly say that I did not have that experience when I was there. Instead, I had random people wishing me a happy birthday, buying me drinks saying “I got it. It’s your birthday”, and getting whisked onto the dance floor in what really was just a lot of fun. I cannot remember the last time that I danced so much, or was so very carefree. And that is the point. I am 27, carefree, and living my absolute best life!

My birthday would not have been half as awesome without Breanna, Jane and Bianca.

We went back to our hotel – where I also accidentally blocked the toilet (Korea has this thing where sometimes you shouldn’t flush toilet paper down the toilet…). Oops! We slept and the next day we went to a fabulous buffet restaurant for my birthday lunch. After that it was off to the cinema for Transformers.

It was an epic weekend, and I thank each and every person who was a part of it, also every person who wished me a happy birthday and was part of making my first birthday abroad so very special. But people, I kid you not, after that movie, I was done, and took my pretty brown ass home and straight to bed.

South Korea has a little bit of everything, for everyone! 🙂

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