This is my first post about Busan (부산), but I can assure you, it will certainly not be the last. As my blog is supposed to serve as a platform for future expats looking to come to Korea, I am really only trying to give you a taste of everything I do, keeping you informed. You don’t have to come do what I do, but let this be your guide. I haven’t been here very long, so I give you what I can, when I can. Of course you can also just come here if you want to read about the awesome dream I’m living. Either way, doesn’t really matter to me.

Busan. So much I can say about Busan. I have to say, so far since coming to South Korea, the Busan city is by far the best place I have visited, and I haven’t even been to Seoul! From the people, to the buildings, to the culture, to the subway, to the food, I am absolutely in love with Busan!

The view from our lunch spot.

An hour bus ride from where I live, there is SO. MUCH. TO. SEE. IN. BUSAN. My day of exploring included, of course, friends and food, two of my favourite things. There is no way that you can see everything that this wonderful city has to offer in just one day, but that just gives me an excuse to go back! And I did go back – by myself. I will tell you about that in a minute.

We started off on our bus ride to the Busan bus terminal (Sasang) where we set off to the subway. We are a group of young, fabulously independent women paving our own way in the world, and therefore it is appropriate to go to the cinema and watch Wonder Woman. And can I just say, what a freakin’ movie?! Rock on Amazons!

Meryl, Sashai, Laura and Breanna

While waiting for the movie to start we set off to Starbucks for some drinks. Now please bear in mind, the last time I had Starbucks before this was during my long ass layover at the Beijing Airport, and it was the most horrible coffee I had ever tasted. I had such high expectations of Starbucks, and here I was, overseas, and this coffee is leaving me with so much to wish for. But then I went to BUSAN 🙂 And here I had the most delicious white chocolate mocha I have ever taste in my life. It was AMAZING. Maybe because this is South Korea, and that was Busan. Or maybe the coffee in Beijing just didn’t taste so good because of the not-so-nice experience I had there. I have no answers for you. Whatever the case may be, I now love Starbucks all over again.

We went to the cinema, I got my caramel popcorn and huge Fanta Grape (does Fanta grape come in such big sizes in South Africa when you go to the movies or to get take-out?), and we watched Wonder Woman. I felt so empowered after that movie, like I could just be and do anything. Wow.

Yes, it is a coincidence that the drink is almost the same size as the popcorn. I happened to choose the medium popcorn.

And then of course, the highlight for me was the New York style pizza we had at SOL Pizza on the Gwangalli beachfront. We had literally been looking forward to it for about a month. Here is no decent pizza where I live, so imagine my excitement when I finally got to have some proper pizza! With a view of the beach we sat down, had our pizza and beer, laughed, had conversation and an amazing time. After eating we went down to the beach, acted foreign and took selfies, and set off to the subway again. The following week I went back there by myself, had some me-time and it was awesome.

This beautiful gem of a place. I love it!

My me-time on Sunday…

Next (and last stop): H&M – who happened to have sale. I had died and gone to heaven. Because what is a day in the city without shopping?

And boy was I tired. This was an incredibly small fraction of the beauty that is Busan. In fact, it is something you can do in any of the other cities. But I felt it deserved a blogpost because I am so absolutely in love with the city. There is so, so much to still go see and do. It is a very big city and there is an incredible amount of things for me to go explore about it, so watch this space for the updates! There is much more to come! Like I said, it is just not possible to do it all in one day. You have to decide what kind of mood you’re in, and go do that. I try to share every experience with you, no matter how big or small. So here you go so long, go try out that pizza place.

See you next time – probably for my birthday in Daegu. 🙂

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